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An Upscale Non-Medical Senior Home Care Company with 42 Years of Service Experience

Safety Squads offer an upscale, comprehensive, and holistic approach to non-medical senior home care services. With more than 42 years of experience in the service industry, our family-owned business has made it its mission to be the #1 service provider to seniors and assist them to “age in place” in their homes and never have to move into assisted living facilities. The chores we take for granted when we are young can become hazardous as we age. Being on a ladder and doing repairs that might include power tools can end up in a life-altering accident with devastating consequences. Falls among adults 65 and older caused over 34,000 deaths in 2019, making it the leading cause of injury and death for that group.

Thanks to strict safety protocols, a trained and background-checked staff and great attention to detail, we do everything in our power to help our senior customers remain independent, safe and comfortable in their homes. We do so by reducing or eliminating activities that can create dangerous situations, by educating them on potential hazards to avoid and by making it easy for them to get hold of us at any time of the day or night. This results in complete peace of mind for themselves, their relatives and their close environment as well as in maintaining the pride and independence they so need at this stage of their life.

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The Story

Safety Squads was born from the personal experiences of its founder, Jeffrey Van Diepen. With over 40 years of pest management services, assisting clients, patients, physicians, and various agencies, Jeff safely addressed pest problems while not exposing them to harsh pesticides and other “unintended” consequences from treatments.
Logan Van Diepen, Jeff’s son, is a partner in Safety Squads. His 20+ years of customer service experience will ensure the respectful, caring, and compassionate care of our clients.

The company Jeff founded and grew into a national model is Pestmaster Services. It was sold in 2020, and at that time operated nationwide, with six company owned and forty franchised locations in seventeen states. It was ranked the #45 pest management firm in the USA by Pest Control Technology (PCT) at the time of sale and the model continues to prosper. Jeff retired from the business in September of 2021.

These experiences triggered Jeff to build a specialized service focused on helping seniors with their unique challenges as they age. But it was his personal experiences that really launched the concepts and service model that evolved, as he experienced the effects of aging with his own parents. Jeff’s parents have passed away, but with the assistance of his brothers, they were able to remain at home, and never be placed in assisted living.
Jeff’s parents were blessed with three sons who were able to financially assist in their care and ensure their safety, as they aged. They were able to “Age in Place, Safely” the motto of Safety Squads.

With “Baby Boomers” now retiring, it’s not a surprise that this generation wants to “Age in Place.” They have worked very hard to retire with more wealth than any generation of Americans. We believe that many of these seniors deserve to remain at home, and it’s our company’s goal to be a service provider that helps them to do just that.


Jeff Van Diepen

Customer Centric Entrepreneur

With over forty years of customer service and business experience, Jeff is a customer centric entrepreneur. He founded a pest control company in 1979, and grew it to become a national model ranked #45 in the nation (out of 21,000 companies). He successfully sold that business in 2020, and retired from the company in 2021.  All of that experience and dedication to a positive client experience is focused on the Safety Squads business. Jeff’s role is developing relationships with clients, stakeholders, vendors, government agencies and providing the services with the assistance of a Reno/Sparks, NV based staff. Jeff earned his MBA from Pepperdine University inn 2008.  His experience includes development of service structures and models, and scaling these into multi-branch and franchised operations. Safety Squads is of particular interest to Jeff, as he has a special connection to seniors and the adult children of these, and the desire to keep our seniors in their homes; never having to be placed in assisted living. Jeff’s lifetime of customer service, client relationships and retention of these, is now laser focused on the Safety Squads business. Personal: Jeff is an accomplished private pilot, with thousands of hours of pilot in command time.  He’s a proud father of two adult children, four grandchildren and lives in South Reno with his “better half”, Shelly.  Additional interests: travel, golf, camping, ATV’s & fishing.

Logan Van Diepen

Partner at Safety Squads

Logan has been in the service industry for the past 20 years. As a hairstylist, it was his job to be able to adjust to multiple situations at once. He has used his people’s skills to gain their trust and build a rapport with them. Logan grew up in N Lake Tahoe CA, before moving to Portland OR. He spent nearly 20 years there before moving back to Reno NV in 2017. He has two young children and resides in NW Reno. Logan has worked with people of all ages and enjoys helping and being a problem solver. His hobbies include, golf, hiking, and spending time with his children and family. Logan is the partner in Safety Squads with Jeff Van Diepen.


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