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With over forty years of customer service and business experience, Jeff is a customer centric entrepreneur. He founded a pest control company in 1979, and grew it to become a national model ranked #45 in the nation (out of 21,000 companies). He successfully sold that business in 2020, and retired from the company in 2021.  All of that experience and dedication to a positive client experience is focused on the Safety Squads business. Jeff’s role is developing relationships with clients, stakeholders, vendors, government agencies and providing the services with the assistance of a Reno/Sparks, NV based staff. Jeff earned his MBA from Pepperdine University inn 2008.  His experience includes development of service structures and models, and scaling these into multi-branch and franchised operations. Safety Squads is of particular interest to Jeff, as he has a special connection to seniors and the adult children of these, and the desire to keep our seniors in their homes; never having to be placed in assisted living. Jeff’s lifetime of customer service, client relationships and retention of these, is now laser focused on the Safety Squads business. Personal: Jeff is an accomplished private pilot, with thousands of hours of pilot in command time.  He’s a proud father of two adult children, four grandchildren and lives in South Reno with his “better half”, Shelly.  Additional interests: travel, golf, camping, ATV’s & fishing.