Safety Squads has introduced this important safety service, which is especially important for seniors and their families to consider.
Our technicians will make recommendations to get rid of expired food and medicines to keep you safe from harm and in good health.



Safety Cops® are specially trained service specialists that will inspect food in freezers, pantries and cupboards and identify expired foods that should be purged and discarded. While the USDA states that the dates refer to quality and not safety, inspecting these for visible mold or strange smells is a prudent thing to do while protecting our seniors.

Heeding recommendations on expiration dates on food is especially important for the following:

– Deli Meats

– Ready-to-eat foods that aren’t heated (like pre-made sandwiches

– Raw eggs

– Unpasteurized dairy products


Additionally, Safety Cops® will inspect medicines and identify those that are expired. This is important for several reasons.

Not only can these meds be less effective, they can also be risky due to a change in chemical composition or a decrease in strength. If an illness occurs, especially to a senior, utilizing old and expired medicines may add risk due to their health as their potency and effectiveness are reduced.

Safety Cops® will use recommendations borrowed from the FDA and the CDC to eliminate this risk. We’ll collect and list the medicines identified for disposal and provide this information to our client. The following graph is an example of the protocol that we’ll follow.

Our commitment to senior safety is highlighted in Safety Squads Mission Statement:

We are dedicated to the goal of having our seniors “age in place”, and forever avoid having to be placed in assisted living.

We will provide pragmatic recommendations and services needed to assist our seniors in remaining safe, independent, and happy in their senior years.

We are committed to helping seniors avoid accidents and injuries, adding years of health and stability to their lives. We’re equally committed to the adult children of these seniors, who share this desire for their parents.